Surveying and Asbestos Management Features


Communicate with surveyors on-site

Amianto Mobile enables real-time transfer of data to and from surveyors that are on-site. Details of the surveys assigned to a surveyor are sent to their mobile device including any notes specific to a survey, start times, location and contact details. Surveyors can enter all the data collected during a survey and automatically link photos taken to materials examined and send this information back to the main system with a click of a button.

The design of Amianto Mobile, including the use of drop down lists of standard values, enables the surveyor to concentrate on the task of surveying and collect data in a consistent manner which is validated and checked as it is entered.

Save time, resources and money

Amianto contains all the features required to streamline your surveying processes. The ability to schedule and assign surveys, transfer information to and from surveyors on-site, track the status of all surveys including the sampling and creation of reports ultimately results in significant savings in terms of time, resources and money.

Deliver client reports quicker

The benefits of a more efficient surveying process enables survey reports to be delivered to clients faster. Bespoke, customised survey reports including all photos, floor plans and sample analysis certificates can be generated with a click of the button. As a report is created the information within it is validated to ensure a fully accurate report is made available to your client.

Reports can be emailed directly to your client from Amianto. Alternatively you can give your clients appropriate access to Amianto so they can download any survey reports themselves.

Gain a competitive advantage

Giving your clients access to Amianto enables them to track the status of any survey, download reports and view their complete asbestos register and ongoing management tasks.

The web and mobile based nature of Amianto makes this easy to demonstrate to potential new clients. The features and benefits of Amianto can be used to your advantage when tendering for new contracts.

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