Property and Facility Management Features


Gain full control over your asbestos management tasks

Amianto stores all historic and current asbestos related information for the properties you manage and enables this to be securely accessed by a web browser and mobile app by those who require it.

All data collected from surveys, re-inspections, repair and remedial works (including photos, surveyor's notes, floor plans and other documentation) is available within Amianto giving you a full picture of the current status of each property and an audit trail of all events that have happened in the past.

Stay on top of ongoing management

A complete asbestos register and management plan for each property is available for a property at any time. Management information is also available for your complete folio enabling you to control re-inspections required, action any tasks that require immediate attention and organise any necessary repair and remedial works.

All information relating to management tasks from scheduling, updating the status as tasks progress to storing the necessary information is entered into Amianto so anybody viewing information for a property knows exactly what is happening. Once a task is complete Amianto will update the register with the changes. The management plans and ongoing management tasks then full reflect the current status for each property.

Control and audit access to information

Logins can be created for any person or organisation that requires access to asbestos information for one or more properties. You can control which properties a login has access to and the level of information they can access. All activity for each login can be viewed so you can check and audit who logins in and what information they access and download.

You may want to set up a login for a contractor, valid for the next month, for a particular property which the contractor will be carrying out repair works to. Or you may want to give the access to a person responsible for the maintenance of a property so they can access the register at any time just for their property in a manner which enables them to easily find out where asbestos is located.

Present information appropriately and prevent danger

Asbestos information is accessible in a number of different ways to suit the different types of people who may be viewing it. Contractors may want to view detailed information about the asbestos in a location and download survey reports containing technical information.

A maintenance person located at a property may just need a higher level of information highlighting any dangers in a more intuitive manner e.g. accessible via a hierarchical tree design that shows the structure of the property, or via interactive CAD floor plans.

Compliance and regulations

Amianto enables you to store all information required to meet your responsibilities as a person or organisation managing asbestos in your properties.

The full history for each property is kept within the system which can be accessed at any time and the ability to generate comprehensive management plans and control the management process enables you to comply with the regulations required by law.

Integration and data transfer

Amianto focuses on property owners and managers and their needs in terms of creating and implementing a complete and robust asbestos management process. Amianto is designed to fit in with other business processes and systems and offers a variety of methods to transfer and synchronise data between systems.

Typically Amianto must work with larger property management systems which act as the primary source of property information. Property related data can be transferred to Amianto so the systems are kept in sync and asbestos data collected and managed in Amianto can be transferred back. This enables organisations to utilise the focused features and benefits of Amianto to manage asbestos within larger organisational processes and systems.

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